Transparency doesn't work, and instead of a transparent object there is a black object.

What I do except: a transparent cylinder

The result:

enter image description here

Material: enter image description here

Blender Version 2.93; I also tried out installing other version, but it didn't work

I tried this:enter image description here but it didn't work. By the way I'm using Cycles.

Also, making a semitransparent cylinder didn't work too:enter image description here

EDIT: trying changing blend mode from opaque to alpha blend worked. Thanks for helping me


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This looks like you set the Transparency max bounces to zero. Transparency can't happen without at least one bounce.

no bounce demo gif

The default Transparency bounce is 8 and you most likely don't need a lower value. More often than not, either you let it as is, or you crank it up when you have many transparent items in front of each other that provoke a falloff effect:

falloff demo gif


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