I have small object because i set the object size to realistic size just like the size of it in real life. Now my camera move too fast , it pan too fast , roll too fast , zoom too fast even with precision zoom (ctrl + mmb). I have yet to find a documentation on blender on how to control the view speed.

How do i make the view movement slower ?


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I have found the solution . It turns out all that needed is to focus the view to the selected object. How to focus on the selected object?

First , go to object mode and select the object , then view > align view > view selected . The camera navigation speed will return to normal.

To deal with small part of a large object where the view move too fast , go to edit mode and select at least one faces of the small part , then focus the view , now the camera speed no longer move too fast.

The same method is applicable if the camera move too slow (eg : switching from small object to large object) , simply refocus to the new object or mesh and camera speed will return to normal.

Here are the gif showing the problem and the solution. My blender version is 2.79 , blender UI might be different for blender 2.8x and newer , but the solution is still the same .

It is a very long gif , watch until the end.




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