I'm improving the node setup from here: Performance ?, which is better, taking a 4k image and splitting it up, or using material with full 4k image and changing the texture coords?

And I thought it would be useful to easily change the default behavior of numbering the tiles in left-to-right, bottom-to-top fashion, to an order more intuitive in 2D world: left-to-right, top-to-bottom, as well as to allow right-to-left too.

My idea to make it as simple as possible is to use Math > Subtract node to flip the value and then mute it, advising that the ordering can be reversed by unmuting the node:

However, the GUI clearly shows it is the static columns value that is passed when the node is muted, while I want this:

I'm aware I could work around this problem by e.g. flipping the inputs, so the input I want to pass through (coming from Modulo) is first, and then add another node: Math > absolute to make the math correct. But ideally this could be done without reducing the readability of the node setup...


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Select the node and CtrlG then make sure to flip the 1st and 2nd inputs:

Now the first value passed through is actually the 2nd value in the Math node inside the group:

This doesn't mess with the node layout, but it may confuse the reader on what the node group actually does, and I don't know how it affects performance.


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