I'm trying to find a way of making more fluid rollercoaster animation in Blender, and I'm hoping to find a way of controlling the speed at which the Follow Path offset value increases on every frame by adding a driver tied to the dynamically driven X co-ordinate of an empty using Animation Nodes, which I imagine might work like so:

Say we have x*y in a scene set to 30 FPS, where x is the value to add to the X co-ordinate on each frame and y is the multiplier of that value, so if x and y are both set to 1 and I let 30 frames play out, the empty's X co-ordinate will then be 30.

After these 30 frames, I decrease y to 0.5. This halves the value being added on each frame, so after another 30 frames the X co-ordinate should be 45, as it was only adding 0.5 to the Follow Path offset value on each frame for thirty frames.

Is this possible to do in Animation Nodes? I've experimented a bit but the best I can come up with ends up making the animation "jolt" when I adjust the y value.

Thanks for reading!


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