I'm trying to upload a fluid animation to a render farm (rebus.net) but it says I have to do a FINAL bake. There is no FINAL bake button as far as I can see in 2.92, just the All bake button and Modular. I've tried Modular bake as well - no difference. Anyone come across this issue?

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There has been a renaming. What before was Final has changed to All, while Modular stayed Modular. The difference between Final and Modular was, that with modular you had to bake data, mesh, noise etc. separately which allowed you to build the simulation step by step.

So if you had a high resolution and baking the data took long but was great, then you baked the mesh and the settings were wrong so it looked horrible, then you could rebake the mesh without having to rebake the fluid data.

Final assumes you've finished testing your settings and are ready to bake everything at once for a final simulation, not separate parts one after another - so Final bakes all of the simulation. I don't know the reason, maybe people were confused about what Final meant, so to clarify that all is baked together it was renamed to All.

But that's just a guess on my behalf. The result is the same, Modular let's you bake different parts separately, Final and All simulate everything completely with one bake.

In how far the Renderfarm is able to work with the simulation I don't know - but the baked data should not be different from Final to All.


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