I don't know the correct language to use, but I've got a rigged model and I've positioned it how I want it to be in Pose mode. Everything looks great in Object mode, but when I go to Edit mode my model snaps back to its default resting position. Which makes it very difficult edit it.

I'd like to set the pose to be the same in all modes.

I'm going to 3D print this rather than render or animate it.


In the modifier you can enable the On Cage option and, in Edit mode, the mesh will appear as it is when posed (even though the gizmos will stay at the non-modified position, which is unfortunate imho):

enter image description here

If you want your mesh to definitely take the Pose position and don't need anymore armature, apply the Armature modifier.

If you want to keep the armature and you want it to keep the new Rest position as well, follow the method described here by Jaroslav: Apply the Armature modifier, select the armature, switch to Pose mode and CtrlA > Apply Pose as Rest Pose, and give back an Armature modifier to your object with the armature as Object.


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