In Blender 2.79a A red circle appeared around my cursor on the 2d side while in uv/image editor. I saw a few answers but none of them worked. it's not letting me select anything so it's not circle select, I already tried to esc. I closed and opened back up and it's still there. I can't do anything on the 3d side either except change the menu options. I switched to object mode and back to edit and it's still there. It just lets me zoom my workspace on 2d and the 3d side. If I try to select something it actually moves the mesh itself and doesn't select it. enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ I just figured it out I was in sculpt mode. I had to deselect it on the bottom under UVs menu. $\endgroup$ – Vanessa Jun 17 at 16:26

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