I'm working with a model that has flat meshes for eyes. I want to turn these flat meshes into spheres so I can better work with the eyes for posing. How do I either make the flat meshes spherical, or how can I make a sphere that can shape around the flat surfaces?

BTW, here are some methods I have already tried: Shrinkwrap modifier on sphere: This led to a weirdly deformed and too flat sphere. Shrinkwrap modifier on lattice parent of sphere: Slightly better results but still has bad deforming.

  • $\begingroup$ Can you add screesnhots for better understanding? Why don't you delete the flat surface of your mesh and add a sphere instead of it? $\endgroup$ Jun 15 at 20:55

You can cast to a sphere using a modifier or an operator with Alt+Shift+S:


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