For Blender 2.93, i tried to recreate the sound falloff on a plane from the Animation nodes 2.0 Documentation:

enter image description here

So far i came up with this, but it does not work, i can not figure out why:

enter image description here

Can someone give a brief explanation of how to work with the new Sound Spectrum node in the latest animation node version? The Grid mesh node has also changed. Is this causing the error?

and here is my blender file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lpJoTJsDhPjbt-zTA0LS4YvaqpxgXCHb/view?usp=sharing

Thank you for your help!

  • $\begingroup$ please provide your blend file so we can check it out - or watch some tutorials about it - there are lots of it - just google. $\endgroup$
    – Chris
    Jun 15 at 8:09

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