It can be very good, if i can import a reference image with bitmap tracing. (in inkscape it can have lots of parameter, by color - you can stack up the result and choosevthe right one, by siluette etc.) billboarding also could be good, as most of the time spent on this.

Missing features while editing nodes in a curve, which does exist in Inkscape:

Can autosmooth, autocorner curves, and can add nodes by selecting two nodes, can rotate the two handle of the node independently, but also can reset in symetry. (auto symetry) (in blender you need to subdivide and remove the surplus in my understanding)

It would be also good if i can just select part of the image to vectorize, as many times, you don't have the perfect image, and bitmap tracing can serve you well on clear parts which don't get shadows, rotation etc.

Also it could be good if they can identify that the image has been rotated, and vectorize in symetry. (features can be imported from motion tracking area)

  • $\begingroup$ right, so you could just vectorize with inkscape, then import the svg into blender? $\endgroup$ – wilks Jun 12 at 14:55

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