So I just installed Blender today, and the problem didn't start till about 2 hours into my first donut tutorial attempt. At first everything felt fine and responsive, but as I got further along Blender started to lag severely. It's now taking several seconds to respond to actions, including simple stuff like grab or undo. I tried restarting the program, deleting extra shapes and whatnot, but so far nothing seems to be working. I also did a bit of Googling, but no luck so far. Anyone know some possible causes and solutions to this issue?

PC specs: CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x

GPU: RTX 2060 super

RAM: 16gb 3000mhz

Storage: Blender installed on SATA SSD and projects saved on external HDD.

OS: Win 10 pro

  • $\begingroup$ Also when monitoring hardware usage, it seems my memory usage is hovering around 90-98% while my GPU is at 0% $\endgroup$
    – Marc
    Jun 11 at 7:54

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