I asked a question a few days back and got some great help. As I was last time, I am trying to make a Moai (Easter Island head) in Blender. This time around I might add that I am trying to learn Blender for 3D printing and that is the reason for my question today.

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I have managed to make the general structure of my Moai but now I want to add a rough stonelike texture. I have been googling things along the lines of "Adding rough texture in blender" but since I am doing this for 3D printing you can imagine that I am only getting the wrong results. The results I am getting are textures in the "image" sense usually used in video games and the like.

So my question is simple, what is it I am actually looking for? Should I be working manually in the sculpting environment perhaps? If you know of any good tutorials for this that would be great too!

Many Thanks

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    $\begingroup$ One of the most common ways is to use a black and white heightmap (displacement texture) or Bump Map, and then use it as the basis for a Displacement Modifier. However, for this to work (look proper), you will have to heavily subdivide the mesh. Also, the default Displacement strength (1.0) is often way too high - bring it down a little for best results. Once you are done, apply the modifier. You can then remesh if necessary. Blender has some built-in displacement textures to choose from as well - you might find some variation of the "cloud" texture looks "close enough" for your liking. $\endgroup$ Jun 9 at 18:54

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