I am trying to hook my EMPTY to my lattice through the Blender API so when I move my EMPTY the lattice is deformed. As it is now when I run the code it shows that my EMPTY is connected to the center of the lattice which is not what I want.

If I were to do it through the 3D viewport I would add my lattice and add my EMPTY. Then I would first select the EMPTY followed by the lattice. Enter edit mode and select all vertices of the lattice. Then CTRL H and hook to selected object.

collection = bpy.context.collection
lattice = bpy.data.lattices.new("Lattice")
lattice_ob = bpy.data.objects.new("Lattice", lattice)
lattice_ob.scale = (224, 352, 224)
lattice_ob.location = (112, 176, 112)
lattice_ob.data.points_u = 5
lattice_ob.data.points_v = 5
lattice_ob.data.points_w = 5

bpy.context.view_layer.objects.active = lattice_ob
bpy.ops.lattice.select_all(action = 'SELECT')

for i in range(len(DIR7pointlist)):
    df = np.genfromtxt(os.path.join(DIR7point, DIR7pointlist[i]), delimiter=',')
    for j in range(len(df)):
        xx, yy, zz = df[j]
        r = 5
        bpy.ops.object.empty_add(type = 'SPHERE', radius = r, location = (xx, yy, zz))

bpy.ops.object.select_all(action = 'DESELECT')

for ob in collection.objects:
    if ob.type == "EMPTY":
        bpy.context.view_layer.objects.active = lattice_ob
        hookmod = lattice_ob.modifiers.new("Hook", 'HOOK')
        hookmod.falloff_radius = 1
        hookmod.falloff_type = 'SMOOTH'
        hookmod.object = ob

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How to hook a vertex of a curve to a certain object?

modifier.vertex_indices_set( range(index_from, index_to) )

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