I have several linked scene copies where I want to animation objects, cameras, and lighting for architectural animations; such as a door-opening during a walk-through, or sunlight and other lighting dynamically changing for a time-of-day animation with a static camera.

For example, if I animate a door opening/closing for my Scene.walkThrough scene, I want this animation action disabled for my Scene.fullday scene. I do not seem to be able to assign an animation action to strictly one scene. Is there a way?

enter image description here

I realize that I could have a base blend file that gets linked in one of several files where I can supply the animation, but I am hoping to avoid this and would think that scenes have some way to especially separate out an animation action.

  • $\begingroup$ I could be mistaken, but I think collection instances can achieve this? $\endgroup$ – RandomPanda Jun 1 at 23:02

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