I'm trying to fix a specific element of an animation that I did without having to render the whole scene. To do that I tried putting a render region enclosing only the animation that I wanted to fix and in the compositing, I put the new animation on top of the old one and mixing them using the alpha of the render region. Unfortunately, it seems like blender sets the alpha to 0 on the outside of the render region even in the compositing step, unless I manually update the input image node after render. Since it's an animation, I can't manually update for all frames. Do you know a workaround?

explanation screenshots:

Here, I tweaked my compositing to only output the old not cropped animation and there's the intended result:Compositing setup + intended result

And here's what I get: Render result

  • $\begingroup$ CTRL + ALT + B to clear render region $\endgroup$ – Emir May 23 at 12:37
  • $\begingroup$ yes,but I want the render region for the render, just not for the compositing $\endgroup$ – Gyoo May 23 at 17:58

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