I have a mesh with some jagged edges that need smoothing out without having to do a lot of manual work. It's a zig-zagging mesh and I'm trying to fill out the creases so that there is a somewhat continuous outer edge. The image below is a screenshot of the mesh, with the red line marking where the mesh should follow.

mesh in question

In other words, I'd want to fill in those jagged creases with edges like so:

Fill in face

Searching around, most solutions are for making blocking meshes look smooth via shaders, but what I'm trying to do is a little more crude.

One question closer to mine had a pretty good solution: How do you make a jagged circle edge smooth? Here @ChristopherBennett suggested using Loop Tools.

Gave that a shot but it doesn't look like it works very well. It misses some of the inner vertices, even when I delete the faces underneath (because I thought it was maybe confusing the tool)

Issue with LoopTools

Was thinking about smoothing out the outer edge and then lofting the top and bottom.


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In this case, You could select chunks of your mesh in Edit Mode, and invoke (Header Menu) > Mesh > Convex Hull, followed by X > Limited Dissolve:

enter image description here

But you lose some edges.

One other possible approach, if you need to retopologise, or Convex Hull is not a good starting-point: somehow make parts of the mesh available to the shipped add-on Loop Tools, and its Curve operator. (Much Slower)

In Edit mode, duplicate off a region with a profile of interest:

enter image description here


enter image description here

  • F fill, or X > Limited dissolve, convert it to a single non-planar Ngon
  • To make it available to Loop Tools > Curve, at least, extrude it. This one is inset, too. Select the projecting vertices. A good sign of acceptable topology is that this can be achieved by selecting the first two vertices, and the rest, incrementally, by using CtrlShiftNumpad +
  • Invoke Loop Tools > Curve on that loop.
  • Duplicate the loop, or delete the other vertices.

enter image description here

Now, with Snap set to 'To: Vertex' and 'With: Active', snap the fixed profile back on to the original model. Repeat the process with other profiles.

Then you can (Edge Menu) > Bridge Edge Loops reproduce the shapes with better topology.


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