I try create script for my self to rigging. I create adn snap bones using this code for all bones(copy and paste)

RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_bone1.L'].head = RIG.data.edit_bones['bone1.L'].head
RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_bone1.L'].tail = RIG.data.edit_bones['bone1.L'].tail
RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_bone1.L'].roll = RIG.data.edit_bones['bone1.L'].roll

RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_bone2.L'].head = RIG.data.edit_bones['bone2.L'].head
RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_bone2.L'].tail = RIG.data.edit_bones['bone2.L'].tail
RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_bone2.L'].roll = RIG.data.edit_bones['bone1.L'].roll

I want do someting like this now, but im to new at the Scripting(

remroll_list = [



for n1 in remroll_list:

    RIG.data.edit_bones.new.['RemRoll_'] + (n1)
    RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_'] + (n1).head = RIG.data.edit_bones(n1).head
    RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_'] + (n1).tail = RIG.data.edit_bones(n1).tail
    RIG.data.edit_bones['RemRoll_'] + (n1).roll = RIG.data.edit_bones(n1).roll

And I don't even know if it is possible to create and move with bones through the list. hlp pls


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Ok. This was easy!

import bpy

namelist = [



for name123 in namelist:

    RIG = bpy.data.objects['Armature']

    RIG.data.edit_bones.new(('RemRoll_') + name123)
    RIG.data.edit_bones[('RemRoll_') + name123].head = RIG.data.edit_bones.get(name123).head
    RIG.data.edit_bones[('RemRoll_') + name123].tail = RIG.data.edit_bones.get(name123).tail
    RIG.data.edit_bones[('RemRoll_') + name123].roll = RIG.data.edit_bones.get(name123).roll

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