How to turn the textures ( for example musgraves ), black color area to alpha color channel . I have tryed to findt a manual that would solve the problem , but have only findt how to make an alpha channel come out of a picture not from a texture node.


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To the best of my knowledge the only thing you can do in a shader is to use the texture as input to the alpha input of a shader node that supports alpha input, like the principled shader node. Here's an example of a red ball behind a brick wall:

red ball behind brick wall with transparent 'mortar'

Here's the simple shader for this. Note that I inverted the color of the brick mask before feeding to the alpha input of the principled shader. Otherwise, the mortar would have been black and the bricks transparent:

shader that produces the effect

Note that if you are going to render this with EEVEE you need to go to the material settings and change the Blend Mode to Alpha Blend:

enable alpha blend for transparency effect


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