I’m beginner in that and not the best in english so please for your understanding.

I have problem with mirroring some object on my work. It doesen’t mowing like I wanted to when i making animation. Problem probably is caused by object pivot (what is mirroring object for second one - Picture) point that don’t follow to rotation of bone. I think that I understandably explained my problem. I wanna to know how to solve that issue.

Link to download: https://download1523.mediafire.com/qu1p77h764rg/13xrbrf71bcl7il/LIGER.blend

May it be possible to understand words because I mostly used my country language in naming the objects etc.

Thank you in advance for your answer.enter image description here

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The main issue here is that you have several armatures, each with only 1 bone. But what you want is only 1 armature with several bones.

You can join the armatures with Ctrl+J. But you need to do some clean-up first. Most of your objects have a Mirror modifier. I would apply them and make a full rig with mirrored bones. If you want to keep the Mirror modifiers for some reason you need to move the Armature modifier below the Mirror modifier on the stack.


  • select all object and rotate them by -90° around the Z-axis (R, Z, -90). This places the dragon correctly. The front is in the front view and the side is the side view. This way you can mirror bones along the X-axis if you name them with ".L", "_L", ".left" or "_left", and ".R", etc, respectively.
  • select the head's aramature (szyja), go to Pose mode, select all bones(well, it's only 1) with (A), and clear all transformations (menu: Pose > Clear Transformation > All)

If you go to front view (Numpad 1 or menu: View > Viewpoint > Front) the dragon should now look at you

  • remove all Armature () modifiers from every object. Apply the mirror modifiers if you want, do it top-down from the stack.
  • join all Armature objects (grzywa...*, Oko, szczęka, dzialo szczekowe. kosci, szyja) with Ctrl+J. The last one you select will be the remaining main armature. If a mesh moves then check the modifiers for an Armature modifier and remove it.
  • apply Location, Scale, Rotation for the armature (Ctrl+A, All Transformations)
  • optional: this should be done for the mesh objects, too, but the Mirror modifier settings must be adjusted (mirror X-axis for the head, ...)
  • optional: if you have applied the mirrors, rename all the bones on the dragon's left side (=right side from your point of view) to Kosc- mocowanie mk1.L. Then use the menu: Armature > Symmetrize in Edit mode to let create the bones on the right side.
  • select all the mesh objects and the armature, then parent them (Ctrl+P, With Empty Groups in Object mode). Empty Groups will use the still existing weights. Adjust the modifier stack if you have Mirror modifiers.
  • check the weight paint for the eyes and the jaw. There seem to be some "rogue" vertices that have a different weight.
  • for better control make a bone hierarchy. Parent the bones (with offset). Something like root -> neck -> head -> mane, jaw, eyes, "ears". This way everything will rotate with the head. This doesn't work with a flat hierarchy as shown in the screenshot.

dragon with armature


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