Goal is to gave those red edges

I'm trying to mode down in z-index this part but in a smoothy way, how to achieve this result ? I easily can do it for a straight line but in this case I really don't know how to do it.

Thank you for your responses.


Blender comes with an add-on called Mesh:LoopTools. Enable it in the Preferences then you will see it in the N-panel (N).

Select the first 2 vertices at the beginning of the ramp and move them down to the floor along the Z-axis.
Then select the vertices of the edge loop that you want to smooth. Make sure the vertice at the beginning is the active one (selected last, see screenshot).
After that, use the Space operation a few times with locked X-axis and Y-axis in the options. Count the number of uses for the other side.

enter image description here

Repeat the steps for the other side of the ramp. One or two uses of the Relax operation can smooth out the transition between the ramp and the flat area.

Example: curved ramp

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This answer is a slight piggy-back on @Blunder's.. (apologies.) It still uses the shipped add-on Loop Tools, but takes advantage of its Curve operator to make your slope in one move.

The Curve operator depends on selecting vertices in a single, unambiguous, loop of edges. You select the vertices in that loop you would like to remain fixed. The remaining vertices in the loop are then interpolated between them.

Here, the vertices have been selected in Face mode, for speed:

enter image description here

And Curve has been executed on the edge-loop connecting those vertices, interpolating in Z only.

enter image description here

The tool takes a bit of playing with to get used to the way it works, but it's worth it, IMO. It can be very handy.


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