I'm learning Blender and am following a spiderman tutorial ( https://youtu.be/UO0OM0plOX0?t=773 ) .. but I've been battling a serious problem for several days now and can't find the solution. Maybe someone can help ? I use Blender 2.92 and when I insert the Keyframe when letting go of the Web at around 13:00 it actually puts the (ChildOf-)Empty to the starting position and not to the current position? So My "web" just snaps around weirdly and does not at all behave as it should.. (when I observe the Empty's location coordinates the don't move at all either, but the empty moves, beeing linked to the hand)..


Here 3 pics of the problem :

Here pic 1, start of animation "Empty" is selected Location is shown : enter image description here

Then 1st Keyframe : enter image description here (Location unchanged)

Then the frame right afterwards where the Empty snaps back to original location :

enter image description here


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