In Blender I changed some of the default settings to my preferred values and saved them to my startup file, like using Cycles instead of Eevee, the default Tile Size, Max Bounces, enabling Use Nodes and Backdrop in the Compositor for example.

But since the latest versions I've got problems with Mantaflow crashing when it uses the default Blosc compression for the cache files, as described here:

Mantaflow: bake always crashes

Now I'd like to know if there is a way to save the default compression type to Zip - because even though I've identified the problem it still happens that I bake and forget to change it which makes Blender crash again and lose the simulation data.

I could do it by saving my startup file having the default cube be a domain with the desired setting, but I don't always want to start with a Mantaflow simulation. Setting the compression to Zip, deleting the domain and saving the startup file afterwards doesn't store the compression type, because then creating a new domain will use the default value Blosc again.



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