I was trying to see if I could trace an outline of an STL file since it has a dense mesh and limited dissolve doesn't create a clean outline all the way around. I was following this tutorial. https://youtu.be/EWo7esqGy7g

  1. Dense STL Mesh (limited dissolve doesn't create a clean outline all the way around)

Link to file:

stl mesh

  1. Convert to grease pencil

grease pencil

  1. Convert to path (But convert to path is greyed out)

greyed out

I was trying to avoid converting the image to a png / jpg since I would loose accuracy since this will be 3D printed and adds extra steps. Any workarounds?


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I found a workaround which may help others where grease pencil isn't needed but can be used if they want to. Note: To use Grease Pencil Convert To Path it needs to be in 2D

2D slice (Good for copying threads from STL's to 3D print and if you want to use Grease Pencil - Convert to Path)

-Center Object pivot point and / STL to Origin 
-Apply scale and Location object transform on STL / Object
-Create Mesh Plane (larger than object)
-Select Plane - Add Boolean Modifier 
    Options - Intersect
    Object  - STL or Object
    Solver  - Fast

-Hide STL / Object (allows to see 2D section)

Extra: Can Select Plane and do a G - Z to see sections
Extra Extra: Can do in Geometry Nodes

2D Cross section

3D slice (to view internals)

-Same as 2D Slice but change Solver to - Exact

3D Cross section


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