I used blender last night in a normal fashion, then ran a script I've run many times before to let it render a few frames and save them to files over night. I found the files as expected and blender was still open in the morning (as expected). I closed it, because I was done with it for a bit.

When I went to open it, I got an error that "Open GL 3.3 or later is required" and that "Blender will now exit". I was surprised, seeing as I hadn't updated blender or any drivers or anything at all since the last time I ran it. I did a system update just in case and restarted the computer. I now get the following message when I try to run blender from the cmd line:

Read prefs: /home/rothloup/.config/blender/2.92/config/userpref.blend
/run/user/1000/gvfs/ non-existent directory

What is going on? How do I get my blender back?

I'm running kubuntu 20.10, stock kernel. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660. I didn't touch the nvidia drivers.

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