The mesh deform modifier is taking an inexplicably long time to calculate. Precision 5 takes about ten seconds or so, and levels above that take at least an hour but have never been completed. I first noticed this in 2.92, but I think it could have been the case in 2.91 as well.

This is not an issue with computer speed or mesh complexity. Meshes that I had prior to the update can be unbound from their cages and rebound at precision 7 in four to five minutes, which is what it was before, but new meshes do not. Some scenarios below:

  1. New mesh+new cage, both moderately complex=binding takes forever.
  2. Old mesh+old cage, both several times the vertex count of scenario 1=four minutes or so.
  3. New mesh+old cage(From 1 and 2 respectively)=four minutes, does not completely bind due to parts sticking out.
  4. New mesh+separated part of old cage=forever.
  5. New mesh+new cage(Both cubes with no subdivisions, 8 vertices each, in a new blender file with only defaults)=forever.
  6. Old mesh+new cage(from 2 and 1 respectively)=forever.

Any idea what's going on here?

Update: Attempted reinstalling with no addons and this did not fix it.

Update 2: It's leaking memory for some reason.


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