I am looking to create a Japanese woodblock style shader from Eevee. My main reference is using Hiroshi Yoshida's work. Hiroshi Yoshida's Artwork Hiroshi Yoshida's Artwork

Problem is, I have a mediocre knowledge of Eevee and I'm kinda out of my depth with some of the more complex shader stuff. I've worked out that I'll be needing a paper texture. For which, I'm following this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKObDQEPR3A&ab_channel=DiegoGangl=) watercolour shader tutorial. But, I still need to work out how to have Eevee make the object's shader render a complete silhouette or 2 tone, respond to scene fog and have an outline similar to the references above. I've experimented with Shader to RGB and Color Ramps but I'm unsure if there are better methods I can be doing.

Any help for this venture would be greatly appreciated!


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