I’m animating a watch. And I would like to make the arm for seconds jump 6 degres every second/30 frames (in 30fps).

I could animate it for a minute in the timeline and add a cycles modifier.

But I would think there is an easier way of doing this sort of thing.

Is there a way of writing in numbers (script) in the Transform Panel? Like in After Effects, «Telling» the rotation axis to jump 6 degrees every 30 frames?


Yes, they are called drivers.

Click in the transform panel and type #. Then enter the expression you want to use. You can use the keyword frame for the current frame number.

For your suggestion 6 degrees every 30 we can use math:

#floor(frame/30) * radians(6)

The property field will turn purple, when a driver has been added. If you click in it again you can edit the expression. (The # will remain hidden once the driver has been added.)

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    $\begingroup$ similarly radians(6) * (frame // 30) will tick 6 degrees each 30 frames. $\endgroup$
    – batFINGER
    Apr 10 '21 at 14:51

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