Creating a very simple figure out of plane with Bevel modifier following by Subdivision Surface resulted in weird geometry.

Steps how to reproduce the problem:

  1. I've used a mesh plane,
  2. squished z-axis and applied scale,
  3. then added 4 loop cuts,
  4. then moved middle part with G or move tool,
  5. afterwards added modifiers
  6. and used shade smooth.

Normals weren't changed, all geometry is same as before, no n-gons were created. Why this might happen?

Simple plane with 4 loop cuts Simple plane with 4 loop cuts

Bevel settings Bevel settings

Subdiv settings Subdiv settings

normals normals

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It looks like you've only applied SubSurf to one set of faces. Try applying the solidify modifier, if you can, then bevel your edges and apply the SubSurf.


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