hi i made hair using particles, i assigned color to these particles as well but when i convert these particles into the mesh the color is gone, i selected mesh and went to shader and assigned material to it but the color is not showing

Another problem is when i parent this mesh to rig by automatic weight paint then vertex groups are created and weights are assigned(the automatic assigned ones) but when i go into the weight paint mode i cannot select any bone and weight paint, i can go into edit mode and make and modify vertex groups there.

When i converted to mesh then the points in the particles are lost, they are not converted to vertices, if i convert mesh into curve then i get vertices but there is no vertex group option for the curves so how to rig them?

how to color the mesh obtained from particle to mesh conversion? how to weight paint this mesh in the weight paint mode(no bone is being selected in weight paint mode)? if i convert mesh into curves (which makes system slow and i would not prefer) what replacement is there for vertex groups?


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