i'm trying to reproduce this answer : Possible to bake texture to new UV map? in latest blender version (2.92)

The UV are baked on the texture but everything is black ( + transparency outside of the UV) So i was wonderning, if something change in the process.

For theUVMap Camera i tried both but got the same result...


Thanks a lot !


You've chosen to bake with the Emit option, it will bake what's emitted, but your object doesn't use any Emission node. In the linked page, the Image Texture is plugged into a Viewer node, which acts like an Emission node. If you want to bake the Diffuse, choose Diffuse instead, and under Influence only enable Color.

  • $\begingroup$ Yes exactly Thanks a lot !. $\endgroup$
    – Xavier
    Apr 6 '21 at 9:41

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