When working with geometry nodes, I know that Separate to XYZ can be used to separate vectors such as Object Info > Position Vector into its three individual components, but I'm unsure how to separate the attribute Position vector into its three component values.

I can split the position attribute vector x,y,z into x,0,0, 0,y,0 and 0,0,z using attribute math's multiply, but these are still in vector form. I need the values x, y, and z.

I am using Blender 2.92


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Instead of Attribute Vector Math multiplying position with [1,0,0], to get the X component alone, you could take the Attribute Vector Math dot-product of position and [1,0,0]. (Likewise for Y and Z)

However, I think you'd be a lot better off using 2.93 alpha, to get into Geometry Nodes.. you can see what you're doing a lot more easily:

enter image description here


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