If I rotate an object in its local coordinate system, Blender behaves in a way which I do not understand.

Example. Let there be an object: enter image description here I rotate it with a mouse, by dragging the red ring: enter image description here Now I want to make a small correction by editing the text field Rotate/Angle in the dialog at the bottom left. As such edition previously gave unpredictable results, just to test it out, I select that text field and confirm with enter exactly the same value as was there before. I would expect the mesh to stay in place, but it is not the case: enter image description here Again, just to test, I press Ctrl-Z to undo and the mesh state goes back to the first picture, skipping the second step as if it never existed.

I do often such small corrections and it works, but not in this specific case of rotation in local coordinates. Why?

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    $\begingroup$ This is a known bug. $\endgroup$ – tetii Apr 4 at 5:19
  • $\begingroup$ I suspected that it is a bug, but Blender has so many switches that I also asked myself if I did not inadvertently toggle something which resulted in such a counter-intuitive behaviour. $\endgroup$ – scriptfoo Apr 4 at 11:44

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