I was using old version of depth of field to create a model in blender vesrion 2.8. I had same render in every released blender version up to 2.92. But then 2.93a was released with the new depth of field and the same model with all the same settings is now ruined by blur. However it has a thin stripe of non-blurred part at focus distance which increases with F-stop but I can't recreate same blur as before. For example check blur on the image below with F-stop 10.0, at first it might look same as before. If I use bigger F-stop then all blur in front completely dissapears.

How to make new DOF look like old DOF with gentle blur.

Settings I had in 2.8-2.92: Eevee dof (default) - max size 100px Camera dof - F-stop 0.4

These are results

2.8-2.92 render 2.8-2.92 render 2.93a render with same setting 2.93a render with same setting 2.93a with F-stop 10.0 2.93a with F-stop 10.0


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