I'm trying to to add a node from a custom made panel which pops from a pie menu. And I want the node to appear at my mouse's location (see bpy.context.active_node.location below).

The problem is that 'mouse_region_x' and 'mouse_region_y' give me the x and y mouse coordinates according to the area's size. And as its size may vary, this would give me, each time, a different offset from the cursor when the node is placed. I want my mouse's coordinates of the Node Editor area to be translated to the Node Editor's "internal" blackboard coordinates.

    e = get_event()

    if context.material != None:
            settings=[{"name":"node_tree", "value": "bpy.data.node_groups[\"%s\"]" % node_group_datablock_name}]
        bpy.context.active_node.location = Vector((e.mouse_region_x, e.mouse_region_y)) # Need the coordinates here.

Any idea how to achieve this? Thanks.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ did you solve this? $\endgroup$ – user3597862 May 5 at 14:54
  • $\begingroup$ Only partially. This code gives you the coordinates of the mouse inside the Node Editor's space: bpy.context.active_node.location = context.space_data.cursor_location My problem is since I'm opening a pie menu, then another panel from one of the pie's buttons so I can append a node tree, and the problem with the code above is that it takes into account the coordinates of where I clicked first just before I opened the pie menu, instead of where my mouse is now in the "pie button > panel space". $\endgroup$ – Ryxx May 7 at 18:20

this'll solve it for you:

def invoke(self, context, event):
    region = context.region.view2d  
    ui_scale = context.preferences.system.ui_scale     
    x, y = region.region_to_view(event.mouse_region_x, event.mouse_region_y)
    self.x,self.y = x /ui_scale,y/ui_scale
    return self.execute(context)

Then when you want to use it:

def execute(self,context):
    new_node.location.x = self.x
    new_node.location.y = self.y

    return {'FINISHED'}

Huge thanks for this. It's working perfectly now!
Here's the code that worked in my case:

e = get_event()


ui_scale = context.preferences.system.ui_scale
x, y = context.region.view2d.region_to_view(e.mouse_region_x, e.mouse_region_y)
x, y = x / ui_scale, y / ui_scale
bpy.context.active_node.location = Vector((x, y))

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