I'm just starting out and I follow this chair tutorial to train myself. I use blender 2.90.1

The tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP5CTAKckBI&list=PLjEaoINr3zgEL9UjPTLWQhLFAK7wVaRMR&index=3&t=1006s

at 18.35, we can see that it rotates the mesh without any problem. I followed the tutorial to the letter, but I have a different result when I want to rotate my mesh :

1 Text

2 ('R' action) Text

The part I mirrored doesn't move an inch. it's only the duplicated part that tilts as I want it to.

For info, if I apply the mirror modifier, it's not better.. The whole mesh doesn't want to lean at all !! :( I also tried to move, resize, nothing works. The chair leg seems blocked.

Whith ctrl A : Text

Why that ? how to fix this problem? . Thank you very much in advance !!


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Ohhhh yesss problem is finally resolved by myself. here is the Error: for some obscure reason, this box was checked :

enter image description here


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