I have two pcs for work with Blender.

The first is a computer with a GPU NVidia 1050ti 4gb (2016) and it was detected from blender in Edit > Preferences > Cycles Render Device, in fact the Cycles render seems doesn't have any problem. The second is a laptop, a macbook pro 16" with a dedicated gpu, AMD Radeon 5500M 8Gb. The gpu AMD in blender 2.90 not shows in the support gpu's (in blender 2.92 not show the voice "Cycles Render Device") when you search in Edit > Precerences > Cycles Render Device, and if I set as render engine Cycles I can select "GPU compute" but when I start rendering the CPU go over the 90-95° so probably I can't render with AMD 5500M gpu.

So I install AMD radeon pro render, hoping that plugin could solve my problem, after install it and activated in Render Engine was added the voice Pro Render and I can select my CPU (Intel i9 2.3ghz) or my GPU (AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8Gb), so I select this last but when render starts the macbook pro 16 start lagging and then crash.

How I could solve this? Is there a method or a way to render with my AMD gpu? (if the answer is not, probably have no make sense spend money to have a more powerful gpu, but it's better have the basic gpu 5300m 4gb because you probably use it only for Adobe programs, but for render any AMD macbook gpu sucks)


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