Sorry to come again with this.

In Blender 2.79b this works easily and perfectly by just switching on "Halo" in the "Spot" setting. Didn't even set the World's Alpha to "transparent" instead of "Sky".

Now I try to translate this into a 2.82 (oder higher) version. Tried Film->transparent for background and did a long orgy with nodes of all sorts. Material nodes for the Cone-Mesh for volumetric scattering (Node "scatter volume"), every alpha-over, keying etc. The problem still remains: The shadows of the light cone's (I split it into several parts by a slit mask in front of the spot's light source) are rendered black and not "no light but transparent".

I enclose the (simple) blender 2.79b project here; any ideas? MakeLightCone-2.79b


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