so I've made a building in blender with the Grease Pencil, and I've filled up with colors the walls, now I'm trying to put a generated brick texture onto these fillups, but I cant find any way. So does anyone know if there is a way? I would prefer not to use an image texture to make it random. BTW I'm a beginner. I want to replace the brown fillups with the texture schown on the right, the corresponding node setup is on the bottom ...


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Grease Pencil Materials don't support shader nodes (yet). Link to the docs . Since you can't use nodes, you can't use procedural textures like Bricks or Noise Textures.

You can still use a texture for the stroke or the fill in the material properties. However, the controls are limited to Blend between a plain color and the texture, and Mapping (offset, rotation and scale).

Using a raster seamless texture you can achieve this kind of result :

enter image description here


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