Starting on v2.92 after 2.79. Almost zero familiarity with Blender, only occasional usage. Attempting to follow Blender EEVEE: Glass Tutorial(Refraction) tutorial.

@0:45, the author seemingly uses Ctrl-Tab to bring up a circular Pie Menu is showing Rendered, Wireframe, Solid and Material Preview options.

However when I try to do the same, my Pie Menu instead displays: Object Mode, Edit Mode, Sculpt Mode, Vertex Paint, Weight Paint and Texture Paint.

How do I make my menu match the author's menu under those workflow circumstances?


That menu that you discribed:

"Rendered," "Wireframe," "Solid," "Material Preview."

It is actually the shading menu, that appears on Z

  • $\begingroup$ That works. Thanks! $\endgroup$ – ni37osllb Mar 23 at 20:14

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