I would like to ask where is Z Transparency and how does it looks like in Blender 2.8 and above?enter image description here

This image shown above is around the 2.78 version of Blender. Which is before 2.8 came.


Directly, no. Practically, yes. Z transparency was a component of materials for the blender internal render engine, which was discontinued with 2.80.

I’m guessing the problem you are encountering is that your materials have been either non-transparent or dead black.

How to fix: In EEVEE, you must manually set the blend method of the material to something besides “opaque.” Said settings panel is by default at the bottom of the Properties editor -> Materials tab. Your options are:

  1. Opaque. Ignores transparency. If pure transparency comes in, it turns black.
  2. Alpha Blend. Tries to do full alpha mixing. Has had trouble working correctly with more than one face in a row.
  3. Alpha clip. Either fully opaque or fully transparent.
  4. Alpha hashed. Like alpha clip, but with a random threshold. Good for most applications if you don’t mind a little fuzz. More rendering samples will provide better results.

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