I am testing the Color Management option to show an image with the setting of "False Color", which shows, for example, the following image:

False color in Blender

It's a colormap according to the scene's luminance; red, orange, and yellow regions are highly illuminated, while blue, purple and black are barely, or not at all, as shown in the following image of the same scene but with a "Filmic" color profile:

Filmic profile in Blender

The problem:

Is there a way the change the colormap (or color ramp) for another one? For example, is there a way to remove that gray circle in the middle of the green area? (which according to this source stands for the middle gray value.)

Where does that color map resides within Blender? Can it be changed like if it was a color ramp node?

The official Blender documentation page doesn't give any information on this particular topic. It barely mentions the "False color" feature.

(Yes, I know one can render the image as pure luminance, like the black & white one, and then apply a ColorRamp node in the compositing node tree, however, I would like to use this "false color" feature in real time (with my own colors), while working with Blender for setting up lights' and objects' positions, not necessarily for rendering a final image. Having control of the color ramp would allow me to adjust some luminance thresholds, therefore higher precision work would be possible.)



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