I have a project for my college assingment that has to be ready at end of march. I am still "new" to blender but I try my best in every way, so: I have a scene with 400 frames that uses Cycles and a sampling rate of 500 (If necessary I can lower this). I used different Denoise options [OID, NLM, OPTIX] but all these are not really suitable for animations and are messing up volumetrics (Or did i something wrong?). I found the addon SuperImageDenoise (SID), This works wonders with still images and should work very good with animations. The problem is, this scene takes days ony my computer to render and denoise. Is there a other way to denoise an animation on my pc? Which render format should I use for this? (I use PNG but SID uses some sort of EXR files.)

I also searched for render farms that support some sort of denoising for animations, but I just can not find one. Some are using OID but I am not a huge fan of the OID denoise results. The maker of the SuperImageDenoiser says that if a renderfarm can ouput the frames as mlEXR files I could denoise them local on my machine.

How are you guys denoise your animations?

Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks for your help!



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