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Basically I am looking for a way to edit the default viewport shading studio light setup. In the upper right when you launch Blender you have the viewport shading icons. It defaults to the second one. I have studio selected for lighting. If you click on the gear icon to the right in the window you go to the preferences for lights. In studio lights section there is an editor area. You can load new ones and save your own edits. Clicking the Edit Studio Light button lets you see what you are editing or it will display any studio light files you have loaded. My question is how do I get any of those to default when I open Blender so I don't have to go and click that button every time I open Blender? Saving a startup document or saving preferences does not work. It always goes back to the initial look Blender starts with and the Edit Studio Light button is unchecked. If there is a default studio light file that I can overwrite to get mine to be the default that would be great. Hope this was a clear question. The video really walks through it better than I can write. I know I can always make a matcap and do that instead. Might have to if there isn't a way to fix this. I really like the flexibility to create my own Studio Light setup. I just don't want to have to reinitialize it every time I start Blender. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

  • $\begingroup$ Until a better solution comes along, you could always save a working .blend file (not a startup file), that you can then load every time you need your custom studio light settings. Not ideal, but it would stop you from needing to manually choose the settings every time you want to start with them. $\endgroup$ – R-800 Mar 6 at 6:51

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