I have a complicated mesh of a real object that I created with a 3D camera. The mesh has a corresponding large texture that maps onto the mesh. I imported the mesh into Blender and then applied the material. Other than that, I am operating in Blender Python. My goal is to find certain features on the texture using computer vision and then map those features to the 3D mesh. Ultimately, I want have a robot work on the real object based on the locations I map from the image to the mesh.

  1. The image is (16384, 16384, 3)--so 268435456 pixels (16384*16384).

  2. The mesh has 258533 vertices and 517786 faces. Each face has 3 loops.

  3. The mesh has 1553358 UV coordinates.

I'd like to choose a pixel on the image (say the center pixel--8192, 8192) and then see where on the 3d mesh that pixel is mapped.

I would appreciate any tips on this problem. So far, I am flummoxed!




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