Does anyone know how to export an animated mesh / meshes from Blender as an FBX that works? Here's my results-


So just to be clear, I'm trying to export multiple keyframed meshes as an FBX, no deformation involved, no armatures. And what I get as an FBX is deeply broken as you can see in the video clip.

Here's what I've posted in BA with no answers as yet-

So; I made a simple FM scene, changed the FM object into multiple keyframed objects - using the ‘animated objects’ option in the FM panel, then tried exporting from the FM build with the similar results. Then saved the scene and tried the export from Blender 2.91.2 (hoping the FBX exporter worked better!), and got the same results as shown in the video. Am I missing something or is the FBX exporter just broken? As you can see in the video lots of the keyframes had disappeared from the import, I tried setting the ‘simplify’ setting to 0 in the exporter and you get what looks like all the keyframes, but the result looks identical. I tried exporting as an Alembic from the FM build as well, then exporting as an FBX from 2.91.2, but all I get is the frame I was on when I hit export in the created FBX, no animation at all. Or, is there some other way to export animated meshes from Blender as an FBX, that actually works? Any ideas?


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