In the Preference > Keymap

It says Blender v + - So I press + There's a dialog that asks for a name of the new keyconfig preset.

I type a new name, I call it "Swap MMB"

I make the changes in the shortcuts. It behaves like I want. But when I go back to "Blender" in the list, it has also changed to the same modifications I did with "Swap MMB"

Changing from one or the other does not swap the keyconfig. As if they were both the same. If I reset the Blender key config my "swap MMB" also resets. So I must be doing something wrong.

How do I use Add Keyconfig to make my own custom keyconfig and keep Blender's default keyconfig unchanged?

  • $\begingroup$ What exactly are you changing? There might be a conflict with another keybinding. See the very bottom of this page: docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/editors/preferences/… $\endgroup$ – Psyonic Feb 23 at 11:13
  • $\begingroup$ @Psyonic I'm swapping the MMB = panview and MMB+shift = rotate view, nothing else. The page doesn't seem to give me any clarity on how or why my own keyconfig affects Blender default settings. $\endgroup$ – Eric Huelin Feb 23 at 16:48

Blender is not a preset it is only what Blender has become.

If you make a custom keyconfig and call it "Swap MMB" and change keyconfig that is what Blender and Blender 2 7 X and others are now.

In order to change everything back to default you have to make a new entry and call it something else. EG "Default" change all of keyconfig back to the original configuration, now all Blender and Blender 2 7 X and others are also.


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