I am working on creating a wrap for several walls spanning 25 to 60 feet long. People are going to be looking at these fairly close so I don’t want to go below 200 dpi for my final print quality. That being said a 60 foot wall at 200 dpi would be over 100k pixels wide and from what I understand Blender has a 64k pixel maximum render size. I am also concerned I will run out of memory even in Eevee. Is there a way I can tell Blender to render this out in chunks but from a single camera so I can preserve the perspective? Any advise on this would be most helpful. Thank you!

Forest Scene Wall Wrap


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Since your image isn't very big in y, there is an easy solution: Divide the x resultion by however many chunks you want. Then select the camera and adjust the shift in x:
enter image description here Keyframe it to scan the entire image and render the animation. e.g. if you're using 50% resolution set the shift to 0.5, keyframe and then -0.5. The maximum shift is 2 wich means you can split the image into 8 chunks (I think?) max.


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