I'm trying to bake the light from multiple objects into a single UV map for later use in BabylonJS.

The past couple of hours i've been trying to understand how to do so through trial and error but the lightmaps that are generated seems to be wrong...

For that reason i have a couple of questions in regards to baking light from multiple objects into a single map and more specifically the workflow of how.

  1. Should the objects be UV unwrapped together before baking the two objects into a single map? (Meaning that i select both objects and then use "smart uv project"

  2. Or should i UV unwrap each of them into their own map before baking? (Meaning that i select one object at a time and then use "smart uv project"

  3. It seems that in order to bake the lighting, the objects need a second UV map, why is that neccesary? and how do can you bake to the second UV map and not the first?

  4. Furthermore, my textures that my objects contains are being baked into the lightmap, so how do i only bake the light without textures?

Lastly, if you could share your workflow of baking multiple objects with me, it would mean the world to me!

Help would be much appreciated, been using blender for 1 month now :-)


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