I'm trying to create .icn models for homebrew PS2 save icons. Is there a way to export .icn files directly? or How do I approach this problem?

  1. I prepare the simplest model I could in blender v2.92
  2. Then I create a UV map and use a 128x128 px .tga file as a texture image
  3. Then I export finished model as .obj
  4. Blender puts out a .obj and a .mtl file but there's no extra texture file(I also don't have the copy texture file checkbox which was shown in some of the videos online.)
  5. When I open the .obj file(that I exported) in Win 10 3D viewer, it shows the model fine with the texture and everything.
  6. But then I convert the .obj model to a .icn model using some homebrew tool and when I try to create the actual icon.sys file with the model; it shows the wireframe and/or a badly(full of holes) textured model.

Although this homebrew tool works with some other .obj files, It doesn't seem to work with what blender puts out.

So is there a way to export .icn files directly with blender? or how do I approach this problem?


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after trying everything for days I asked that question and to my chance I reached a solution from somewhere else.

so the solution was to create triangle's instead of quads for the faces and that's it. nothing else is needed.


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