I am asking this question because I am putting together a node group to adjust some basic color and contrast settings for texture maps. I really hate the way that Blender's Hue/Saturation node saturates and de-saturates things. It just looks ugly and gets really extreme (I also hate the bright/contrast node, but I'll save that for another post).

I came across this video that goes into detail about the issue. But his fix (Convert To BW Node > Mix Shader) only de-saturates. It won't saturate at all.

Can someone point me in the right direction with respect to creating a better saturation solution?

Sorry if some of my terminology is awkward, I'm not much of a color scientist. Any help at all would be hugely appreciated.

Edit 1:

I found some hue/saturation algorithms here on StackExchange, but I don't know exactly how to implement them as I am pretty horrible at mathematics.





Really hoping that someone here could help me implement a better saturation algorithm using nodes (shader editor, not compositor) in Blender.


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